Visit  our AWS  website:▶CLICK HERE

Go to the About Us section and watch the videos. Also check contact us page.

5 Easy Steps  to Register on AWS Mining

1. Ask your Sponsor for a link to register.

2. Click on the link and it will take you to the registration page.

3. Fill in your details:
    Your username that you want to use
     Your email address
     Your password
     Confirm the password by writing it again
     Choose your country
     Click on Sign up

4. The next page you must validate your email:

     Click the round tab next to *I am not a Robot*

     Wait until it gives you photos

     Choose all the photos according to the instruction
     you receive
     Then click on Verify
    5. Enter your name and surname then choose Male or female.

Some Frequently Asked questions
  Who is AWS MINING?
*_Answer_* AWS MINING stands for Automated Web Services, We are a technological enterprise focused on providing the best cloud mining experience to small, medium and large investors across the globe. We have our mining firms across the globe; China, Mongolia, Russia and Paraguay.

*Where is AWS MINING Registered ?*
*_Answer:_* We are Headquartered Australia Sydney; the company is registered by the *AISC* -Australian Investment and Securities Commission. You can verify that from ABN LOOK UP.

*Why did you join AWS MINING?*
*_Answer_* I joined the business because I wanted to earn *passive income*

*What is passive income?*
*_Answer:_* It is income you get from investing money and just letting your money make money for you.

*Do you have to recruit in AWS in order to get paid?*
*_Answer:_* No, you can just buy a mining package and enjoy profits of between 15% to 17% monthly.

*How much profit do I get and for how long* *_Answer:_* In total you make 200% return on your purchase of a mining plan. This 200% is paid over a period of approximately 13.3 months.

*How do I withdraw my profits?*
*_Answer:_* AWS has a wallet called MCD which you register for and then add your MCD bitcoin wallet to AWS back office.
-You then withdraw from AWS to MCD and then withdraw your bitcoin from MCD to your personal bitcoin wallet or an exchange that will change your bitcoin to cash  and then to your bank account.

*Is there a minimum withdrawal amount?*
*_Answer:_* Yes, its $30

*Is there a maximum withdrawal limit?*
*_Answer:_* No, you can withdraw as much as you want.

*Is there a limit on how many times you can withdraw your profits per day?*
*_Answer:_* No. You withdraw as many times as you want.

*Is there a registration fee?*
*_Answer:_* No. Registration is free.

*What must I do to start earning passive income on AWS?*
*_Answer:_* All you do is register using your Sponsor’s link, then choose a mining plan that you want and pay for it using bitcoin.
-If you do not know how to pay with bitcoin, Admins or your Sponsors will assist you.

*What if I want to buy a package for $1000, but only have $200, can I still buy it?*
*_Answer_*: Yes you can, you can buy it bit by bit till you have the full amount. This time you buy for $200 and you can keep topping up until you reach $1000.
*Example*: I bought for $120 and I will keep adding $80 or more until I have the total I want.





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